Amazing things are happening in Krasnaya Polyana (Sochi, Russia)

People come here to make interesting, useful, profitable IT projects that can make the world a better place.

Why Krasnaya Polyana?

It is a comfortable place to work and relax, there is an awesome climate, clean air, good infrastructure, great mountains with skis and snowboards in the winter and the sea to swim or sail the rest of the time. There are also delicious persimmons grown here. Polyana inspires!

Why are we doing this?

The more people find out about Polyana, the more active and enterprising people will come here. Thanks to this, the concentration of creative energy, ideas and opportunities grows. Projects are getting cooler, and there are more of them being produced. Living and working here becomes more interesting. And besides, it's fun to work on creating such a low-poly 3D map!

What is on the map?

The projects presented in the Startup Polyana are either launched or supported in Krasnaya Polyana, or this place inspires founders and project teams on their stellar journey. Geographic compliance is nominal. Other coincidences are random and not random. If your IT project relates to Polyana, and you want it to get into the model, contact us @steford_co Instagram:
Startup Polyana community (rus):

Idea – watched the series Silicon Valley
Inspiration – Krasnaya Polyana and its people
Low-poly 3D design – Alexey Milimov
Site / Code – Ruslan Guseynov


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Crunch Base

Luxxy is the leader in the resale luxury consignment niche on the Russian market. We are a dedicated community of more than 250 thousand users and 140,000 products from individual sellers with good price offers compared to the average prices on the market.

We have built an easy-to-use APP with many filters and detailed descriptions of products that offer convenience to our community. Our own team of experts guarantees the authenticity of the items purchased. At the same time, a customer can return the product if it does not match the description on the website which makes expensive purchases online easy and secure.

We sell pieces from designers such as Chanel, Hermès, and Louis Vuitton; jewelry and watches from Cartier, Rolex, and Van Cleef & Arpels. Our consignors earn 70-90% of the sale price.

The apparel industry accounts for about 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and it consumes more energy than aviation and shipping combined. Help us to make the world greener together with LUXXY.


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We make modern orthodontic treatment convenient and affordable: teeth straightening without braces with telemedicine monitoring of treatment.

Vitaly Koshil

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Venture builder & startup community.

Beda Software

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Beda Software is a consulting company focused on healthcare and related fields. We help businesses and startups building next generation digital health products.

Our experts cover all aspects of the healthcare product lifecycle such as product strategy, analytics, UI/UX design and development, DevOps & delivery.


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Steford coliving

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Space with meanings makes it possible for people of the same philosophy, values and goals to live in a community.

Steford coworking

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Place where you want to think and develop in cooperation with like-minded people. Space for creative thinking where the "comind effect" is achieved.


App-ecosystem for beauticians: patient history, procurement of working materials, personal scheduling, and planning.


World's first aggregator of public places offering installation of personal plates and branding of objects on their territory.


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Talanty helps you discover your talents and get your dream job.


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Online platform where a student or parent can ask any question from the school curriculum, or upload a photo of the assignment, and after a maximum of 3 minutes receive a mini-lesson from a mentor – a high school student or student who has already figured out this topic and is ready to explain it in an understandable way school student language.

Hero Quest

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Platform for gamification of processes.

Our goal is to add fun and enjoyment to the daily routine of almost any process through quest mechanics.

Oh, and of course to save the world!


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Aggregator of author's excursions from experienced guides.


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Pitch Deck

Content marketing constructor of personalized content for the tourism business. We help travelers find personalized information about destinations of interest. And we help businesses integrated into the tourism industry to save money and time by accessing licensed travel content, to be unique and to find their way to the heart of their consumer faster.

Co-founders: Viktoriya Degtyareva (CEO), Valery Sergeev (CTO)

Viktoriya Degtyareva

Valery Sergeev


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Crunch Base

AI-driven personalized fitting platform for fashion eCommerce.


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"Things to do" is a service for live meetings of people with similar interests. Parties, games, entertainment, personal growth, sports, creativity, business, new interesting and valuable acquaintances – all in one app! Communicate, have fun, develop! Browse meetings that suit you and take place nearby, swipe right to save the ones you like or press "let's go!" to participate. Discuss details in the meeting chat. Or create your own meeting – specify place, time, budget and point of the meeting, choose people who will come or open access to everyone.

We are developing and going to capture more and more places, so download the app and join us!

Team: Aleksander Tsygankov (founder, CEO), Daniil Borisov (CMO)

Aleksander Tsygankov

Daniil Borisov

Траст Рент

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We have set ourselves the goal of creating a long-term rental solution that will provide owners, residents and agents with modern financial, legal and service tools and will be free or inexpensive.

Workout Labs

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Founded in 2012 in New York, we are a small team on a mission to make fitness simple for everyone through high-quality, well-designed and accessible products. Our online platforms as well as Yoga and Exercise Cards are used by thousands of fitness enthusiasts, personal trainers, yoga students and teachers around to exercise with confidence and reach their goals. Join up!


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Crunch Base

"Strava" for Basketball: community with gamification for 500M basketball players & tools for coaches, kids, parents and scouters.

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Community and networking platform. We bring together entrepreneurs and professionals around the world and help them grow through emotional networking. Platform tools help you develop your environment, meet the right people and achieve your goals faster.


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Telephone robot that can handle complex conversations, almost does not differ from a person and makes 200 calls per minute.


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To the owner of special machinery: add equipment and receive orders.


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Best way to find and reserve a parking space at attractive prices. Anytime, anywhere.


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Express design studio. We have combined experience, technology and a desire to help business make the best solution on the market in terms of speed-price-quality.


Pitch Deck

Anonymous social network for young creatives who want to communicate with the world without any limits.

Founder: Egor Egorov